Purchasing and Materials Management w1&2

| February 12, 2014

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Module 1 -Overview
Module Description:
• Describe the impact of effective supply management on the bottom line.
• Explain where supply management fits into an organization.
• Identify the five classifications of work in a supply management organization.
• Explain the importance of integrating supply management with internal and external stakeholders.
• Describe the role supply management plays in the supply chain.
• Identify several characteristics of a transactional relationship.
• Explain the role of power in the buyer-seller relationship.
Answer this question:
1. In what ways can finance, help the supply management group purchase products and services at a lower cost?
Module 2 -Overview
Module Description:
• Describe the steps in designing and developing new products
• Identify ways in which supply management can increase its role in the product development process.
• Identify approaches to avoiding conflicts in specification development
• Explain how standardization differs from simplification
• Identify the approaches to quality management
• Explain what drives the need for expenditures on capital equipment
• Identify various costs and factors to consider in managing an equipment buy
Answer this question:
2. Why should the development of specifications be done with cross-functional teams and what is the benefit to the organization?
3. Describe four approaches to quality management. Which approach do you believe is most effective? Why?
Please answer all questions, avoid plagiarism.
Number each answer when you answer.
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Purchasing and Materials Management
HRCU 645 - Week 2 - Discussion - Part 1 and


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