Public University Cafeteria Service

| March 15, 2014

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We have to evaluate the strategy and the operational system and processes of a Public University Cafeteria Service, using the appropriate models and techniques from Gronroos. End your project with suggestions for improvements, at the strategic and operational level. Please justify your decisions.
then Design a new service system and define a marketing strategy for it.
Please include references)
The university cafeteria has limited service within operating hours (8 am until 7 pm). it offers lunch (between 12pm and 2pm), Beverages and snacks. In order to take your inquiries you have to stand a line with and pick up what you want at each designated station. As for hot beverages you need o order it from the person responsible at the time and wait for him or her to be free to do it.
Its self service and you need to place your tray on the shelf when done.
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