Public Speaking

| October 16, 2015


  1. Carefully listen to and view the assigned presentation for this assignment. If your professor has not provided another requirement for this assignment, locate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech online. The entire presentation is roughly 20 minutes in length.
  1. Write at least 100–200 words about the context (e.g., year, season, location, time of day, etc.), the audience (e.g., demographics, characteristics, frame of reference, etc.) and events (e.g., what happened before, what was planned to happen afterward, motivation, etc.) surrounding this presentation.
  1. Write at least 100–200 words about style from the four canons of rhetoric described in Week 3. Address one or two ways in which language aids in making this presentation a success. Give examples to support your point of view.
  1. Write at least 100–200 words about how you can use this example to refocus your efforts for language use in your public speaking and communication skills.

Additional Expectations

  • Use headings to identify clearly which prompt you are addressing.
  • Write in complete sentences.
  • Check carefully to ensure that your spelling, grammar, syntax, and overall writing style are professional or college level. This should not show sloppy writing.
  • Save your file with the following naming convention: First Last SPCH275 Week 4 Great Speeches Assignment.

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