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| January 13, 2015

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Read Chapter 1,2,3 on Public Speaking Textbook – Prepare, Present, Participate by Cheri J Simonds, Stephen K hunt, Brent K Simonds.
Communication Anxiety Report and Analysis
Fill out the Personal Report of Communication Anxiety, and complete the following questions:
1. What does your report seem to suggest about your level of communication apprehension?
2. What effect do common causes of communication apprehension noted in the reading (e.g., heredity, learned apprehension, skill deficit, etc.) have on this?
3. What are some ways found in this week’s readings and this week’s discussion about managing apprehension that may help alleviate challenges or prove useful?
For each question, you should write at least 100 to 200 words in response, using correct grammar, spelling, and syntax. Please submit a copy of your report and your responses in a separate Word (.docx) file to the Dropbox. Save your files with the following naming conventions: John Gibbons SPCH 275 Week 1 PRCA and Josh Gibbons SPCH 275 Week 1 PRCA Analysis. Please note that both must be submitted in order to earn points for this assignment.
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