Public Relations Theory and Practice

| June 19, 2015

Aim This task allows students to demonstrate their understanding for the course content on an ongoing basis throughout the semester and addresses all of the course objectives. Write an insightful blog entry each week reflecting on the readings, your learning, and/or any other material relevant to the weekly topic From Week 8 to Week 12 (inclusive), also comment each week on at least one other student’s blog, and As a guide each Blog should be a minimum of 250 words. Contribute to the tutorial discussions each week by coming prepared for class, asking relevant questions and engaging in the class debates. Referencing Students must attribute words and ideas that are not their own on the blog. This could be done via a hyperlink or by using the Harvard referencing style where needed. Marking criteria Students will be assessed on: quality of content, including: demonstrated understanding of the relevant topic critical and analytical reflection of the topics being discussed appropriateness of written expression and structure timeliness of completion — Blogs are expected to be written each week and posted by the due date and time number of entries on own blog site and on other blogs. ———— (I need just 200 – 250 words) for this work based on the three attached files: 1- Textbook Ch 6 Media relations (focus on convergence). Which is more important: the ability to write a media release for the Australian Newspaper, or the ability to write? Open for discussion in the tutorials this week (big file) 2- Textbook Ch 7 Social media This chapter will be utilised over a couple of weeks — how important is social media for the public relations practitioner, is it legitimate media or a passing fad? (big file) 3- The Media Ajenda.


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