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| July 20, 2015

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Discussion 3 Answer the following discussion questions this week. You need to answer DQs’ by the end of Thursday so that your classmates have some discussion items to encourage discussion before the end of the week. Please reference the book, in Chapter 7 and 8 in text and in a reference.
1) Why should public relations practitioners be aware of various laws? 

2) What is the best advice you’d give public relations people about employing professional researchers?

3) List some vehicles that form the nucleus of online coverage and why they are relevant; provide an example to back up your claim.

Page break and start new assignment with new reference page. Assignment; page break, new reference page, totally new assignment. 3 pages.
Complete a 2-3 page (500-750 Word) essay — the case studies of Amazon Shuts Free Speech Door on Pedophile Book, Chapter 7 pg. 142 and Position for Alan Louis on itself found in Chapter 8 pg. 164.

Instructions: Use the following framework for your case analysis. Your case analysis assignment is designated above and can be found in your textbook.

Step 1: Read the cases thoroughly with a view to understanding the Public Relations issues illustrated by each case. Make sure you discriminate between information which is relevant and that which is superfluous and/or ambiguous.

Step 2: Define clearly and concisely the basic problems (or issues) in the cases. Then identify the main issues. Do not be confused with “symptoms.” Identify the key decisions to be made.

Step 3: Use the information and facts provided in the case to analyze the situation. This would include understanding the situation, an analysis of the environment (if applicable)– for example, are there particular strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis), etc. that should be mentioned?

Step 4: Based on your analysis from step 3 above, identify possible alternative strategy solutions to cope with the problem(s)/Issue(s) you have identified in step 2 above. State any assumptions you make, and feel free to make assumptions in order for the strategies to work. Evaluate the pros and cons of each alternative considered. This should form the main focus of your attention in the case analysis.

Step 5: Recommend a course of action (if appropriate), selecting the alternative proposed in step 3 above. Which would you consider most appropriate to solve the problems you have identified in step 2 above taking into consideration the analysis made in step 3? Include some specifics regarding how the recommendations may be implemented by the marketing team. Note: You should edit your recommendations based on the latest web-information that you can access by going to the company’s website.

Your response should be approximately 500-750 words, and should follow the organizational structure listed above (Steps 1-5). Write well. Write clearly. Clearly structure your final report.


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“What distinctive contribution to the study of organizational life is made by the ‘psychic prison’ metaphor; and why might emotion be an important aspect of the study of organisational life?”
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