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| May 21, 2015


PHC 6150 Semester Paper Dr. Ann L. Abbott
Paper should be about 10-12 pages, based on synthesis of minimum of 6 articles from peer-reviewed journals or peer-reviewed electronic journals (other web-based or newspaper sources are not included in the 6, if used) which represent different views (pro and con) of the problem, unless you make different arrangements with the instructor. You may also use a policy report (referred to as �gray literature�) for one of your sources if it comes from a reputable organization (e.g. Kaiser, Robert Wood Johnson, Commonwealth Fund, American Medical Association, etc.) since such reports have also received significant pre-publication review. You should list your references and use APA, AMA or similar citation method
Narrowly define your problem.
Use a problem that you have some interest in and familiarity with, ideally.
Two (2) Due Dates �
1. Feb 10 (date change) -Submit a few sentences with paper topic to Drop Box �My paper topic� �describe problem, proposed solution and give references to 2 articles that you have found are relevant to the topic
2. April 1 – Submit Paper to Turnitin (USW plagiarism detector site) by due date unless prior arrangements are made with instructor. Further directions will be provided about Turnitin submission process
Report on a current health policy issue.
My expectations about your topic are somewhat open. My objective is to enhance the learning of each member of the class by means of each student’s pursuing study of a policy issue of particular interest to him or her, doing some research and writing a report.
a. Describe the public health or healthcare problem (To repeat, my best advice is that you narrowly define the problem). Do not repeat a discussion I have offered in class. Do not repeat topic you have used for another class unless you discuss with instructor about how this will add to your previous work done.
b. Present possible alternative solution(s), a solution that may have been used for example in a particular state, local or federal policy reform (e.g. in law or regulation), and
c. Literature Review of articles and other sources your refer to in order to summarize what research has told us about the problem and possible solutions (This should be in the section of your paper called �Literature Review�
d. Your evaluation of effectiveness of proposed reform (Does it/will it work?) based on your research and/or your proposal or alternative proposal for a solution.
e. Include your point of view about what works/will work and why
My emphasis here is more on aspects of the policy (effectiveness and perhaps efficiency (although we are limited here since this is not an Economics course and/or fairness!) rather than the political side, although you may also report on that aspect.
Please let me know if you have any questions about this or wish to discuss a choice of topic.
Your UWF library � has information about use of OneSearch for accessing articles in electronic journals.
Health Policy Research sites for suggested topic �
i. Google Kaiser Family Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson, Commonwealth Fund and other health research
organizations for help to pick a problem and then some ideas about the issues
ii. Google also National Conferences of State Legislatures (talks about many of the reform steps the states are
taking in order to implement Health Reform 2010 and/or reforms proposed/ enacted to tackle the problem of
health disparities;
iii. look ahead at text chapters for other ideas about topics
iv. look at recent issues of periodicals that deal with health care to see the issues discussed � journals of APHA,
AMA, AHA, etc,. Health Affairs ( also a good one for policy issues)
v. look at list of health care bills submitted by your state legislature (or at federal Congress) Bills are required to
deal with one topic so some of them will give you a fairly narrowly defined topic, and so fulfill paper
requirement. There is also a lot of material at Kaiser, in particular, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
also, about what bills states are passing in order to implement (or perhaps avoid) the issues of health reform.
Formatting your Paper
I. Submit in appropriately referenced, grammatically correct and Spell-Checked paper consisting of at
least the following sections with title:
a. Introduction may include Statement of the Problem and of proposed solution if you are offering
b. Literature Review (with articles offering pros and cons of one or more proposed solution),
c. Discussion including proposed solution and whether it will work or not,
d. Conclusion (wrap up, summarize what you said).
II. Please put your last name in the name of the file you submit to me through Turnitin and also identify
yourself on your submission.
III. Please use only black print and forego decorated cover pages � these look nice but take up a lot of ink
on printer.
Warning: Turnitin�s reports on possible plagiarism come from extremely broad data base: published articles
and research but also unpublished and much student-submitted material from many colleges and universities.
This may include material the student submitting the paper has previously submitted. I do not accept papers
which student has previously submitted even if they are reworked. If you are further developing previously
submitted materials then be sure to reference your own previous submission.
Please avoid plagiarism issues for instructor and student!
Be careful in copying material from any source including web sites, Wikipedia (not and appropriate source for
a paper in any case), and any other material. You should be very careful in direct copying of any material
even when quotations use. Paraphrase generally in your own words to demonstrate your grasp of the
material. Then, be sure to site source of material



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