Public Order Advocate

| June 19, 2015



You are to assume the position of either an “Individual Rights Advocate” or a “Public Order Advocate”. Based on your position you are to examine our criminal justice system and advise how the law enforcement community, the courts, and corrections could better carry out it’s functions.



Some ideas to consider


1) Has your opinion and position changed or varied since the class begin.


2) Would you, your family and friends and or this country be better off and feel safer based on your position.?


3) Would crime decrease?


4) Do you see any constitutional hurdles on your position?


5) Based on any changes you would make, could it be appropriately funded by the taxpayers?


6) How would your position effect the courts and corrections segment of the criminal justice system?


The writing assignment should be at least three typed pages in length (double Spaced)


You may use any books or notes to do the writing assignment.

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