Public Health

| August 31, 2015

Public Health

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Report on a public health campaign. is Breast Cancer ( Breast Screening )
assignment should be contain:
Executive summary
Risk factors
Campaign Approach
Analysis of Campaign
Future action
References ( Should be from 2010 onward )
Also when give citation needs to give PAGE NUMBER as well.
Assignment needs to be addressed to all the following questions:

•How common is the health issue in Australia?
•What is its distribution of the problem in the population? Are particular population groups more at risk? If so, which groups?
•What are the risk factors? How can the problem be prevented?
•How does the campaign address the problem? What social, economic, political and ideological theories does (or did) the campaign employ?
•Is the campaign working, or did it work? Critique the campaign using evidence and relevant social, economic, political and ideological theories.
•What more needs to be done to reduce the problem, and why?

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PHIL 190: Exam Two – Select 4 out of 5. 1. For Descartes, what form of knowledge can be proven as incorrigible through methodical doubt? Why is it incorrigible? How can we use his proof of its incorrigibility as an illustration for the rationalist claim that reason (not the senses) is the sufficient guide to truth? What is the relevance of such proof in establishing the existence of the mind as something that exists independently of the body? How can the foundations of scientific and mathematical knowledge be considered corrigible through methodical doubt? (30 points) 2. In your own words, briefly state Papineau’s causal argument for materialism. What is the abstract claim that he considers to be a necessary presupposition of his argument? Why is it important for him to presuppose such a claim? What is his general response to any objection that denies any of his premises? (25 points) 3. Give an account of Jackson’s possible objection to Papineau’s abstract claim. Based on Jackson’s knowledge argument, give an account of his case for his objection. Critics of Jackson’s epiphenomenalism generally point out that there is something counterintuitive about the claim that mental states do not causally interact with physical states. Give an account of Jackson’s response to such critics. (25 points) 4. Rationalists generally argue that, since there are principles that are universally agreed upon by all humans, such principles must have been based on innate ideas. Give an account of Locke’s response to such argument and his case for the sensible or experiential ground of the use of reason. Give an account of Kant’s critique of rationalism and empiricism. Give an account of Kant’s epistemological theory that, in some sense, attempts to reconcile rationalism and empiricism. (30 points) 5. In Descartes’ argument for the existence of the body, what guarantees its independence from the mind and what guarantees that one’s perception of it is not a mere product of some deceitful schemes? Explain your answers. Give accounts of Descartes’ explanation for mind-body interaction and the problems with such an explanation

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