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| January 31, 2016

Essay-Based Questions


Chapter 1


  1. Summarize the majoritarianism, elitism, and pluralism theories, and then explain which you believe is the more accurate description of American politics.
  2. The fundamental values of the political culture in the United States are liberty​, order, individualism, equality, and property.  Explain which of these values is most important to you and which of these values you would be willing to have limited.

Chapter 2


  1. Describe the relationship between unalienable rights and the social contract.
  2. Explain and give examples of the processes of constitutional change.


Chapter 3


  1. Explain how the Founders intended federalism and separation of powers to limit the expansion of national power


  1. Explain how immigration policy is a challenge to federalism.


Chapter 4


  1. Select three rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and, using court cases and examples, explain how each was applied to the states.


  1. According to the Supreme Court, the establishment clause has a minimum meaning, which is found in your textbook. Using court cases and examples, describe what the establishment clause means.


  1. Discuss the threats posed by technology and security interests to the privacy rights of individuals in the United States today.


  1. Identify three rights guaranteed to those accused of a crime and discuss how the Supreme Court has altered those rights over time.


Chapter 5


  1. Discuss the limits of state and federal law in guaranteeing equality to all people. Provide an example of a situation where equality to all people was guaranteed by state and/or federal law but that did not occur.


  1. Compare and contrast the struggle for women’s rights with the struggle for civil rights by African Americans.


  1. Discuss the significant events that led to the advancement of civil rights for persons with disabilities in the United States.


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