Psychology in Education

| January 7, 2015

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1- About Blend learning: from 2500 to 3000 words
-For this assignment I wrote around 1100, From my writing I guess you can understand my main idea which I want you to write more and edit my writing according to it. But my problem I don’t know how to relate it with the literature.
-I made a presentation about my idea before start writing and my tutor give some feed back, I attached her feedback and other question, could you please have a look at her feedback and edit my writing according to that.
I wrote notes in red in the assignment could you please take it in account.-
Thank you very much
2- psychology in Education: 2000 words
-I made a presentation about this assignment before as well I attached the powerpoint could you please have a look to understand my idea and write according to that.
If it is not clear am going to write a summary about it.
In general it is a puzzle and we using a specific theory to understand it and the theory which I use is choosing by the tutor.
I send an e-mail to my tutor about small change in the idea but he didn’t reply yet.-
He said my puzzle is too general so I think it will be better if I change it to :
(why some of my students think their speaking ability is better than it is while the other think the opposite?)
If you have better idea that is fine but could you please let me know about it before start writing.
– no specific number of references for this assignment
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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