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| December 24, 2015

Research and criminal justice

While conducting the research to evaluate the impacts of shifting the number of hours will be working from the current 8 to the proposed four, the researcher will have to consider the failures and the weaknesses of the current system. Through realizing the weaknesses, the researcher adopt a more the 4 hour system and tailor it in a manner that it will address the current challenges. The researcher will also have to evaluate the opinion of all the stakeholders through community policing and nation crime victimization surveys about the proposed system (Tom, 2001).

While conducting the research, it is advisable to adopt the qualitative research. This is because, with qualitative research, the researcher likely to collect more information as compared to quantitative research (Tom, 2001). It is possible to learn of the people feelings and attitude in qualitative research as opposed to quantitative research.

The national crime victimization survey uses a sample of 90000-160000, in their annual surveys. In this study, the researcher is intending to use the same sample size. It is not too large to bring on complexities nor too small not to depict the real picture. During the study, the researcher will incorporate the issue of reducing the police working hours from 8 to 4 through including it as a question in his course of interviewing respondents. In the venture, the researcher will involve Councilman Parsimonious and his staff, in determining the problem and in finding the general background about the problem (Kraska and Neuman, 2007). By involving them, the researcher will have the good viewpoint his or her venture.




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Kraska, P. B., Neuman, W. L. (10/2007). Criminal Justice and Criminology Research Methods, 1st Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from

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Psychology homework help
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