Psychology Counseling TEST

| November 22, 2015

This is a couseling TEST. It has to be completed by 9 pm (CST) tonight. There are 4 questions to answer at least 500 words each. The questions are not known until the test is started. The study guide is attached so that you know the types of questions that you will have to answer.


There is only 2 hrs from the time the test is opened to complete the questions So once the test is opened you only have 2 hours to answer the questions sent to you.

Attachments:Exam 1 – Study Guide

Thisexam will be open-book/open-notes and you will have 2 hours complete it.For this exam, you will be presented with a case study.The case study will be followed with questions for you to apply to the case.You need to have a good understanding of the class materials studied so far inModules/Weeks 1­–4 so that you can find information needed for the answers.There are only four questions on the exam; however, you should answer them thoroughly and include information from your class materials.You are also allowed to use additional materials if you so choose.

Some of the information that you should review is listed below:

  • The developmental stages of a woman’s life and how they may interact with other problems presented by a client.
  • Marital issues and how you would help a woman work through some of them.
  • Be aware of the differences in genders and how each gender may approach problems as well as grief.
  • Review the eating disorders, causes, and the appropriate treatments for them.
  • Review self-esteem issues and how you would help a woman gain self-worth.
  • Know how to apply biblical perspectives to treating a woman with the issues presented in Modules/Weeks 1–4.
  • Clinton & Langberg: chs. Self-Worth & Approval and Eating Disorders
  • Kopala & Keitel: chs. 13 & 30


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