Psychology at Workplace (Comparative Analysis)

| May 20, 2015

The psychological contract is a complex phenomenon. Psychological contracts hold opposing views
from legal contracts on procedures followed in the event of breach of contract. Breach of a legal
contract allows the aggrieved party to seek enforcement in court of law. Breach of a psychological
contract, however, offers no such recourse, and the aggrieved party may choose only to withhold
transactional or relational contributions made to the employer or organization (Spindler 1994).
Using Organizational Behavior theories and concepts you have studied, examine the effects of
psychological contract breach on employee attitude and behavioral job outcomes such as job
satisfaction, intention to quit, organizational support, motivation, organizational citizenship behavior
and employees’ job performance.

This assignment requires knowledge and understanding of the OB theory and concepts .In addressing
this question you need to critically examine the ideas presented within the theories, and consider how
they help you to make sense of the issue. The aim of this assignment is not to merely summaries
theories as discussed within the text book, but to examine them in terms of their relevance and
Your discussion should include appropriate academic references, such as academic journal articles;
which should be used to develop and support your point of view.

Marking criteria

1. be able to discuss clearly the meaning of psychological contract breach (5 marks)

2. be able to discuss in general the effects of psychological contract breach (5 marks)

3. critically analyze the effects relating to employee attitude and job outcomes (10 marks)

4. demonstration of appropriate research and referencing (7 marks)
5. essay written in an appropriate style and format ( 3 marks)

Structure of the Essay

What to write:

What is psychological contract…..some details ….then what is breach of psychological contract ….importance of it …impact …why should we focus on this ?…..max ..300 to 350 words…APA referencing


Opening sentence around psychological contract …

Negative impacts and how it can influence ….

Discussion of influences with examples provides reference …

Use two paragraphs if you want but just link each other …max 800 to 900 words …provide in text and end text referencing both …


Opinion /views /

End with Questionnaire like is it really possible for an organization to do so ….can it be controlled …

Illustrate with examples…


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