| September 25, 2015

Use the following information directions:


  1. Provide an annotated bibliography (750-1,000 words total) of the articles attached in APA format. Including the following for each article:


  1. The article citation and persistent link. These are provided above for you to paste into the assignment and are not included in the total word count.
  2. A written summary of the key concept(s) of the article. Why was the study done? What was the population studied? What did the researcher(s) conclude? What other information about this study do you believe is unique or important to recall? Are there specific statements made by the author that you wish to retain?
  3. Each summary should consist of 150-250 words.


B.Provide an outline that explain and synthesize the attached articles. The paper will require identification of themes common to the articles as well as a statement of the conclusions that can be drawn when the articles are taken together as a single entity.


** Please see attached articles. Please do not submit the response to me late as I will not respond. Please provide a complete response (complete outline and annotated bibliography)**

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