| December 12, 2015

Read following four questions and answer under the questions.
1.You are an experimental psychologist interested in finding out how effective a new medication
might work for treating depression. Describe a study you might conduct to reach some
conclusions on this matter. Be sure to define and provide examples of the following terms and
concepts, demonstrating your understanding of each: hypothesis, independent variable,
dependent variable, random assignment of participants, ethical guidelines.
2. Simon’s history teacher asked him why so many German people complied with hitler’s orders
to systematically slaughter millions of innocent Jews. Simon suggested that atrocities were
committed because the German had become unusually cruel, sadistic people with abnormal
and twisted personalities. Use your knowledge of milgram’s research on obedience and the
fundamental attribution error to highlight the weakness of simon’s explanation.
Choose a behavior that you would like to modify or change using the principles of operant
conditioning. Be sure to use and explain the following terms: operant conditioning, positive
reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, negative punishment, schedules of
reinforcement, shaping, and extinction.
4.Dancers can perform seemingly meaningless movements which, when viewed from above,
are transformed into intricate patterns and designs. Furthermore, the formations of marching
bands often create pictures and spell words. Identify and describe at least three gestalt
principles. How do they explain the audience’s perception of the images created by theses
types of formations?

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