| November 21, 2015
The article I have chosen is ‘Has multiculturism failed?’ written by Roi Simyoni. It mentions the killing of a British soldier By a Nigerian converted Muslim. The murder was brutal as the soldier was stabbed in the throat. The writer further discusses the social scene of Sweden in which riots have become very common and most of these incidents take place where immigrants live. This raises a question that whether Sweden’s multiculturism has been forgotten by the people The immigration policy seems to have lost existence, by the author. The riots reveal the truth between the huge gap that exists between the majority and the minority which means immigrant people who do not have access to education and employment are often subjected to such killings.

Swedish people let the immigrants live in Sweden but deny the opportunity to earn and do not let the be a part of their society. As a result  immigrants stay aloof and they are treated as aliens by everyone else. The immigration policy meant to provide them relief has failed to do so. Most of the immigrants hail from Muslim communities which are in no way welcomed by Swedes due to their own preconceived notions. The government is trying its best to help immigrants find job and lead a stable social life but public participation is essential to achieve the purpose.


Article ‘Has Multiculturism Failed?’(2013) written by Roi Simyoni retrieved from,7340,L-4384455,00.html

 A thesis needs to be compile on this article and needs to have the following things

thesis will need to include:

    Claim/assertion of main idea
    reasons/evidence of support of claim
    the order of presentation of evidence
    Needs to be at least 50 to 70 words
    No Plagerism


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