Psychologival Principle Paper

| April 3, 2014

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Alzheimers disease. (my mother has it and is in a nursing home with complete loss of memeory, unable to pronouce words with no quality of life left, no ability to function for herself)
The Psychology Principle Paper will discuss a psychological principle which is applicable to the students life. four to six page paper 12 font double spaced APA format. A minimal of three reference sources required.
a title page, the body of paper 4-6 pages then a works cited page. in this paper we can use third person in which the student can discuss the topic from academic stance. the second part of paper will be how the student relates to the topic in personal life, why it interest the student.
what did the student learn through researching this topic (I learned through research with my mothers diagnosis the devastating effects it caused her)
Use documentation citations to give credit to both direct of indirect quotations or to facts that are not common knowledge.
in another section of paper discuss personal interest in the topic.
then bring paper to a close by restating thesis.
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