Psychological effects of divorce on children

| February 16, 2014

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Working thesis: Society should increase awareness of the importance of counseling to reduce the negative psychological effects of divorce on children?s mental, emotional and social health.
This research paper is a problem/solution essay.
It will mention the problems associated with divorce and recommend counselling as a solution. + how to implement counseling in the middle east
The paper should be a ?10 page argumentative research paper based on primary and/or secondary sources, organized chronologically, climactically, or logically.?
-It must contain a counter argument
– AT LEAST 4 Books and 3 Journals. All sources must be credible sources
– 10 pages should be the research paper
-4 pages are annotated bibliography, including 3 books, 3 journal articles and 2 sources of choice (must be credible) Annotated bibliography should summarize, access and reflect: aprox half a page for each source…
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Psychodynamic approach, Humanistic approach, Social behavior
Personal-Centered and Psychodynamic Counselling Approaches


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