| November 23, 2015
This week you read about the psychodynamic approaches. According to Northouse, one fundamental concept underlies the psychodynamic approaches: personality (2010, p.271). Often, we describe individuals (their personalities) as either introverts or extroverts. This week you considered these concepts and personality descriptors in a management framework.

With these thoughts in mind, in a 750- to 1,000-word response, post your answers to the following questions to the Discussion Board:

In this week’s media resourceTeam Leaders Need to be Team Players, Philip Williamson, former chief executive of Nationwide Building Society (((ATTACHED MEDIA FILE))), notes that a team leader influences the type of team that will evolve. Discuss the ways in which various leader personality types can impact team performance.

**** Module Text of this week:

Northouse, P.G. (2013) Leadership: theory and practice. 6th ed. Thousand Oaks, California: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Chapter 12, ‘Team Leadership’

This chapter discusses the team leadership model and the various leadership decisions associated with facilitating the success of a team. The author discusses the strengths and criticisms of the model as well as its application to business practice.

Chapter 13, ‘Psychodynamic Approach’

This chapter discusses the relation of personality types to the psychodynamic approach. The author discusses the strengths and criticisms of the approach as well as its application to business practice.



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