| February 13, 2015


For the reader response, please provide your thoughts, reactions, and opinions to the readings and video links for the week.

The response should use a little more content and substance, as well as, further analysis/evaluation from the chapters 5 and 6 on Sherry Turkle.

The response should include Chapter 5 and 6 of Alone Together – Author Sherry Turkle, the 4 articles links, and one(1) video links. Your response should be 7 paragraphs long (one paragraph for each reading) and you should put in bold a quote from each article of something you found interesting, confusing, or a possible discussion topic.

The Chapter 5 and 6 you can find Online on Google (the book is “Alone Together – author Sherry Turkle 2011.

Here are the 4 articles links:

1) First Link:

2) Second Link:

3) Third Link:

4) Four link:

5) The video link:

6) Paragraph 5 from Sherry Turkle.

7) Paragraph 6 from Sherry Turkle.

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