Prove Yod is a Human

| October 30, 2014

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Place yourself in the world of He, She, and It. Imagine you were a citizen of Tikva and had a vote in deciding whether or not Yod was a person. How would you vote – and why? That is, state whether or not you think Yod counts as a person, and justify your position by clearly drawing on the assigned readings in the course. You should of course draw on He, She, and It for support. But you can also support your position by using ideas from my lectures or from any other assigned reading that you find relevant and helpful.
As with the first paper, your grade will be based on evidence that you have read and reflected on the assigned reading, in this case He, She, and It. If your grader has the impression that you could have written the paper without having read the novel, your grade will suffer accordingly.
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"Fog" by Carl sandburg


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