Prove that the French helped the American colonists during the American Revolution and explain how

| May 13, 2014

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The first part of my assignment is creating a thesis statement worth 20% of my grade. The following are her requirements: “Create a thesis statement. Remember, your thesis statement must be specific and arguable. Your thesis statement should convey what your research paper is all about.” I already created one which will narrow down the work for you: The victory of the American colonist during the American Revolution can largely be attributed to France who provided the them with financial assistance, munitions, and manpower helping them defeat the British. Feel free to alter and/or improve my thesis statement to cater towards what you will write.
The second part of my assignment is creating an outline worth 40% of my grade similar to that of the 3 body paragraphs in a 5-paragraph essay. Here are her instructions: “You need to include a formal outline that includes three body paragraphs.” This is the bulk of the assignment in terms of effort and length. Each body paragraph must prove how the French assisted the American forces and should also cover the effects of their assistance (Ex. The French provided the colonists with munitions [Body Paragraph]) After creating the three main arguments of the outline, you will need to create main ideas for each body paragraph which will help prove you main arguments (Ex. Why did the French give munitions to the American colonists, how did the give munitions to the American colonists, and what were the effects of the French giving the Americans colonists [main ideas]). Finally, you will need to create additional sub-ideas which will give more concise information about each main idea strengthening your arguments (Ex. By giving the American forces weapons and gunpowder, the colonists were able to properly fight the British greatly helping them in fighting the British, or by providing the U.S. with finical assistance, the US was able to expand both its army and navy helping it secure many more battles than it previously had.
– To briefly summarize this step, you will need to create three arguments about the how the French helped the US. These will be the three main ideas which I have already provided you with in my thesis. Next, you will need to create main ideas for each individual argument which you will like to expand further on. Finally, you will need to create sub-ideas which will be even more detailed information which will likely be evidence such as specific instances when the French gave the American Forces money or munition, or manpower. Remember that this a formal outline that is similar to writing the body paragraphs of an essay. Theoretically, if I remove the Roman numerals, lettering, and numbers, it should form an extremely well organized body of an essay.
The final part of this assignment is an annotated bibliography also worth 40% of my grade. There must be:
• Five sources
• Citations must be in MLA Format
• For each source, you are going to apply the principles of RADCAB and in 2-3 sentences explain how each source rates
For your information, RADCAB is way to evaluate wether your sources are of any worth. To understand what to do better, visit this site – . An example of how to do this is: “I found this source to be from a very reputable organization ( or some other website) and it was related to my argument. It is was up to date and had little to no bias other than to inform me on the French involvement during the American Revolution.”
Final thoughts: Im sorry that this is a very long list of instructions but my history teacher is a bitch who holds high expectations. She is one of those teacher who believes that there is always room for improvement. With that being said, it is possible to get an A on this assignment, something that I really need, if this is completely with a high level of quality. I am ninth grader who she has high expectations but keeping your wording similar that to a ninth-grader’s vocabulary is important. Pay attention to how I have written these instructions and you will see that my vocabulary isn’t at college level but it isn’t that of a kindergardener. Try and keep the outline organized as she knows that I tend to do so from past experience. I wish you luck and ask you of one final thing. I use a Mac and assume you will be using Microsoft word. Just in case the I won’t be able to open up a Word attachment, I ask of you to also copy-and-paste the assignment into the email itself.
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