Prospect Research

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Assignment #1:

Prospect Research

Recently, a new interdisciplinary field has emerged and has grown exponentially within a

short period of time in both for profit sectors and not for profit sectors. Several billions of

dollars are already invested in this new area. The field emphasizes capturing strategic

information, analyzing markets, designing databases, developing document repositories,

developing policies at the macro as well as at the micro levels and establishing

procedures. In addition, it involves a thorough understanding of enabling systems and

technologies and diverse ingredients of the business processes, including human

psychology to motivate staff and stakeholders to contribute to the enterprise.

Your university, powerfully situated to take advantage of these developments, has

decided to explore the possibility of a new academic program at both undergraduate and

graduate levels. Since the field is interdisciplinary, the university has established a

committee of experts drawn from various schools and departments of the university to

submit a proposal, focusing on plans (short term and long term) and resources required.

When the committee submitted the proposal, the Board unanimously approved the

proposal with one condition: the new program should operate on a self sufficient basis.

The program should generate funds to initiate the program and to cover the cost of the

program on an on going basis. The Board has also informed the University Fund

Raising Unit to give the necessary support for the schools and departments in raising


You have been hired as a competitive intelligence professional to address the fund

raising issue. Develop a detailed methodology to assist the university to raise sufficient

funds to launch the new program and to sustain the program.

Report should not be more than 4 pages.

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