Pros and Cons of Evidence Based Practice in Social Work

| October 19, 2015

Examine the sources of evidence and arguments for and against Evidence Based Practice(EBP)models. Then, in your paper:
1 – Clarify your understanding of the difference between evidence-based practice models and evidence informed practice; and
2 – Analyze and critique the arguments and develop a position statement stating your position on the uses and limitations of these models.
My position on the use is that they should be used b/c they require the client’s input and wants and b/c it requires that social workers/professionals be life-long learners. You can elaborate as to any other reason why EBP models should be used and caution as to some of the more prominent limitations.

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Pros and Cons of Evidence Based Practice in Social Work
Indigenous Australian intervention regarding health, education and law.


Category: Sociology

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