Proposal for Final Paper and Annotated Bibliography.

| July 7, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Part I. Discourse community and Description of Problem Area:

1) Include who the people being affected by the significant problem are, 2) within this section, provide at least one

quote or statistical information about the issue so as to make it matter to the reader, 3) possible causes and

consequences of the problem, and 4) explain the problem in some detail, enough that the reader can clearly

understand why and how the issue is a problem in need of a solution ((why should the reader care?))

Part II. Target Audience and Statement of Tentative Solution:

Who are those people in power that can make your solution a reality? Are there certain steps that you must

consider as you actually move from the theory stage to the practice stage? Or, is your goal to inform and convince

a general audience? In any case,, in this section you will explain WHO you will be convincing that your project

will work and you will explain the steps, procedures, funding, location etc. of HOW it will work.

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