| July 15, 2016

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Project Proposal

Create a project proposal based upon a fictional training seminar project.

When you create the proposal, you should take into account the technical considerations, management considerations, and pricing considerations. However, you do not necessarily need to include these within your project proposal as you will be performing a more extensive project later in the term. As for now, follow the model of a simplified project proposal, which will include the following sections:

  1. Statement of customer’s need
  2. Assumptions
  3. Project Scope
  4. Deliverables
  5. Resources
  6. Schedule
  7. Price
  8. Risks
  9. Expected benefits

Your proposal should be a minimum of three pages in length, with each section properly delineated. If another person were to read your proposal, he or she should know exactly what is expected and what direction the project will take.

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