Proofreading and Checking my citation and add length of my research paper

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First, you need to do proofreading and fix some text, and check the sentence meaning, need to fix the confusing meaning sentences.

Second, you need to check cited work weather follow the punctuating titles file and MLA 8 :

Third, you need to add 400 words to reach 1500 words.

Report Essay (Research Paper):

Report: Approximately 1500 words, MLA format (100 points)

A report essay is one of the most common ways that a college instructor asks students to communicate in writing. It is sometimes called a research paper. For this kind of writing, students are given a topic (or asked to choose one), asked to research it or experiment on it, and then write an essay reporting their findings. For this assignment, each student will

  • Choose a topic to research and report on (see “Report Topic” in Assignments)
  • Write an MLA-formatted essay with in-text citation and a Works Cited page
  • Include a Works Cited page with at least two print sources and at least three electronic sources (one of which is a video)
  • Go through the draft and peer-review process as determined in class
  • Submit a final draft

During your college career, you will no doubt be asked to report information in essay form on several occasions. In many fields, such as English or philosophy, such reports are the most common way for students, researchers, and faculty to communicate with each other.

In order to report information, the writer must first get it, so some kind of research is going to be involved. The research might be on the internet, it might be in the library, or using library databases or other resources, or it might be original. Research methods might different according to subject or research question involved, but most reports (papers or research papers) have several features in common.

  • A specific topic and an adherence to that topic. A good report essay avoids digression away from its topic and subordinates the writer’s opinions or interpretation to information relevant to answering the main research question or supporting the report’s important claims.
  • Accurate information that can be checked or reproduced. All research should be shown and documented in such a way that the facts developed and used can be verified by any competent reader.
  • A synthesis of ideas. Connections among the various sources used in the research should be found and shown in the essay.
  • A variety of rhetorical strategies. A report essay my contain description, narrative, argumentation, process analysis, classification, or comparison and contrast.
  • Clear references and definitions. The writer must always make it easy for the reader to know what is being presented, whose point of view is being represented, and how any special terms are being used.
  • Appropriate design. In most cases, our reports should be in essay form, meaning that they will have a basic three-part structure: introduction, body, and conclusion. The essay’s three parts should consist of good sentences that are organized into coherent paragraphs.

Please read these essays and consider them as models for your own report essay.

  • Cullington, “Does Texting Affect Writing?” (They Say; I Say, P. 462).
  • Moro, “Minority Student Clubs: Segregation or Integration? (They Say…, P.269)
  • Owen and Sawhill, “Should Everyone Go to College? (They Say…, P. 318)
  • Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” (They Say…, P. 424)
  • Cadwalladar, “Google, Democracy, and the Truth about Internet Search” (They Say…, P. 480)

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