Project Proposal

| December 12, 2015

Project Proposal
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You did a previous essay for me regarding Local Government vs Corporate Governance (81538408). Please re-read to familiarise. I now need you to complete a Project Proposal justifying what the academic basis for such a piece was/is.

The following sections will need to be completed thoroughly:

• Title/Topic page
• Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Focus for the study
3. Project related literature summary
4. Planned methodology
5. Schedule for completion
* References
* Appendices

Per the last essay, any cited texts should include page number (except in the References section). Any sources are to be of good quality academic standing. It is okay to use references cited in the previous essay, but I want a balance (say seven new sources of the thirteen). The new sources would delve into the principles underpinning corporate governance (building the academic basis for why I have selected the subject of local government corporate governance practices vs. private corporate governance practices). I also want you to touch on other subjects in lieu of corporate governance delved upon in the essay (i.e.. strategic management) and their relationship.

The document itself should seek to do the same. What is the underlying convergences and divergences between the two mediums regarding strategic management – and how they will be identified; and assessed.
1. Introduction
This section has 2 parts:
Background Provide background information about the organisation that is the site of your research.
Project research problem (need for the study) Establish the need for your study by describing the problem and related issues in the area that you intend to research.

2. Focus for the study
This section has 3 parts:
Purpose of research project Provide a clear and succinct statement of the purpose of your research.
Research questions List your research questions. Your research questions (usually “what”, “how”, “why” or “what if”) should number about 4-6, so that the focus of your study is manageable. These research questions should not be so broad that they will demand too many resources, nor should they be so narrow as to be of insufficient substance. Also, they should not be too controversial because of sensitivities that may be aroused as a result of doing the research. The purpose of your study is to discover the answers to these research questions. Consider carefully what research questions you will ask, as these research questions will drive your data collection and analysis.
Significance of the project Indicate the outcomes you hope to achieve for policy and/or practice in your organisation from this research.

3. Project related literature summary
Because the Project should cover a subject area of your degree studies, the connection to the background of your degree studies must first be explained. For example, if you are researching advertising, explain how it is part of the promotion mix. If you are researching recruiting in a firm, explain how recruiting fits into the complete Human Resources Management (HRM) function. As indicated above, please note, if you undertaking your MBA in an area of specialisation, the Project must be on a topic within that specialisation.
Next, indicate your initial understanding of the Project topic based on a review of the literature. Your review does not have to be extensive for the proposal. However, you should have done an initial survey of the literature to establish your directions. List some of those references, which will usually include one or more of your textbooks and published articles relevant to your project. Your list must be relevant to your topic and correctly referenced (refer to your AIB Style Guide for examples of correct referencing).

4. Planned methodology (data collection, data analysis)
• Describe the research methodology you plan to use, and why it is the most suited for answering your particular research questions. This could, for example, be the case research method or an action research project.
• Describe the secondary data sources you will use. Are there specific published materials that can be used to provide some background and form the foundations of your research? There may be Government, Trade, Industry or workplace resources you can access. • Explain the primary data you plan to obtain and the data collection methods you will employ such as observation, surveys, interviews and focus groups. • What questions will you be asking and which people or organisations would you involve? • Explain that you will be arranging for each interviewee or respondent to sign the Research Consent Forms as provided in Appendix C and that you will include those forms as an appendix to your Project.

5. Schedule for completion
• Depict the tasks proposed and the stages/times for their completion. • A schedule or Gantt chart would be appropriate to help with the planning of research activities and timelines. Label your timetable ‘Figure 1’ along with the title above the diagram. If you include charts, tables or figures in your Project, these would be similarly labelled and the source shown underneath (e.g. Source: Jones 2009, or Source: developed for this research).

List references you have consulted thus far and appear to be useful. Refer to your AIB Style Guide to ensure you have referenced correctly.

Use appendices to display documents that are relevant to your Project Proposal, but would interrupt the flow of your proposal if they were included in the main text. You may include, for example, explanatory information about the background of your study, pilot study material, or questions for interviews.

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