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| October 27, 2015

Resource: Week Two Project Proposal
Build a page design using your Week Two Project Proposal.
Visualize the page design for your site by creating two different page layouts for the home page and a secondary page.
Identify the placement of headings, navigation, text areas, images, and so forth.
Create both layouts using Microsoft®Word or PowerPoint® programs, Microsoft® Visio® software, or Adobe®Photoshop® software.
Submit both layouts.
Page content section
The Index.html page will serve as the front page of the website, showing the image of the supermarket. It is the page that will appear when the supermarkets address is typed. Also, itwill contain links to different sites of the website. The about_us.html page will give details on how the supermarket came to be. In addition there will be the products.html page containing all the products and services offered and their prices quoted. Under branches.html section, details of supermarket head offices and other branches will be accessed. Lastly there will be the contact_us.html page containing the telephone and physical addresses of the supermarket.
Site structure type design
The website will have a lot of pictures of the products offered by the supermarket so images will be included for users to download easily. JavaScript design will also be used for animation purposes and to add special effects to the site. The website will also give room for growth in the future hence it will be a dynamic website rather than a static one. The supermarket offers a variety of services therefore this website must be visually pleasing, technologically awesome and should be able to compete with other websites so as to convince prospective and potential customers to shop in this supermarket. The first page of the website serves as an interface for creating interest to the customers on the products and services offered hence this will give a wide view that the rest of the website is interesting. This serves as the main purpose of choosing a visually interesting website.

Site storyboard

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