Project Management study

| October 16, 2015

Project Selection Criteria and Prioritization

o    Weighted and unweighted models

o    Ranking and prioritization of project proposals

  • Project Initiation and Planning

o    Evaluate initiation and planning processes

o    Project/organizational structure

  • Project Scope and Schedule Development

o    Creation of the work breakdown structure


Make sure you apply concepts or theories from course material and scholarly resources to support your case study evaluation.

The analysis of the case should include an evaluation of the selection criteria, a ranking of proposals, a project initiation approval, and the steps required to create a work breakdown structure and project schedule development. The analysis should be a minimum of 750 words and should include at least two references.


Chicago-based Steed Business Publishing has landed a great client in Shenley Group, a global luxury hotel chain. Steed publishes small-circulation trade journals and custom publications for professional organizations, but the Shenley Group contract will launch it into a new and more-commercial sector.

Shenley wants a bimonthly magazine that it will place in every room, lobby, and lounge in the chain. Shenley wants to launch the magazine in two test markets—Las Vegas and New York City—then expand into other major cities depending upon the reception of “Shenley NY” and “Shenley LV.” Shenley Group is in a hurry: it is early October, and the group wants to launch in those test markets with a March/April issue. Shenley Group estimates that it will need 6,000 copies of each version.

Steed’s VP of Business Development Roger Livery was unsure that Steed could manage the contract. He asked Megan Warren, Steed Group’s creative director and an experienced project manager, to write a project charter. Warren scrambled to write the project charter in a week, and presented it to Livery. “We can do this, Roger,” she told Livery, “but there’s a lot of risk to it, like taking our talent away from the work they’re already doing, and working with freelance writers and photographers we don’t know. We’ve never done a luxury or a destination book like this one. And there’s a tight turnaround; we should have six months to do it, but we’ve only got four.”

“Those are a lot of risks. What can we do about them?”

“We’ll have to develop a project plan,” Warren said.


Livery agrees, “Then let’s get started.

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