Project Management Simulation

| March 29, 2015
Project Management Simulation
here is answers to some general questions:Question 1: Do we have to refer to our course notes, text or WestConnex when answering the
assignment questions? Do we need to provide a citation if we do ?
You need to look at what you are doing with the simulation through the “lens” of information I have provided you in the UoS so far
i.e. course notes, text readings and WestConnex case and activities.
I do not require you to provide references to these materials i.e. citations, if the assignment is written in your own words so you
can refer to what you know about PM from various sources, but you need to do so by describing these sources yourself.
Be warned, however, that any text authored by anyone else (without a proper citation) that is “cut and pasted” into your assignment
will be picked up by TurnItIn and you will be penalised.
Question 2: How do I structure the assignment ?

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