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| January 1, 2016

References: Must support the paper with at least 3 academic resources
For this audit, you will put yourself in the position of a consultant who is analyzing and recommending improvements to the way a company runs a project. You will accomplish this by applying your knowledge of project management methodologies, tools, techniques, and best practices to your project audit. The project you select can be from your own workplace or from a significant case study in the literature of the profession.
To begin your preparation:
Read each of the course assessments so that you can assimilate an understanding of the project audit as a whole.
Research and select a project to audit, based on the following criteria and requirements.
Project Status Criteria
Select a project in one of the following statuses:
A successfully completed project.
A failed project.
A project that was terminated or put on hold.
Documentation and Data Requirements
Select a project for which you have access to adequate documentation and data to support the basis for your conclusions and demonstrate the concepts and methodologies you have learned in this course. Make sure you have enough documentation to adequately analyze the following aspects of the project:
The business problem to be solved.
The proposed solution.
The actual outcome.
The communications and reporting structure.
A summary of the project activity.
Methodologies and techniques used to manage the triple constraints.
Project schedule control and baseline analysis methodologies and techniques.
Project risk, quality, and change management methodologies and techniques.
Project closure methodologies and techniques.
A compilation of the following list of project documentation should be sufficient to successfully complete your audit:
The project charter.
The scope statement.
The project schedule, including:
The cost management plan.
Project status reports.
Project steering committee meeting documents.
The project closure report and lessons learned.
Deliverable Instructions
Write a description of the project you will be auditing. Provide an overview of the organization and industry as background information. Your description should include, but not be limited to, the following topics:
An organization and industry overview. Disguise sensitive information where appropriate. Include additional related background information, as relevant. The project name and description. If using a prepared case study, include the proper citation, so your referenced work can be located.
The business problem to be solved. The project solution. The project outcome. Did it reach production on time, on budget? The approximate budget. The communications and reporting structure. The project manager and team members, including their names and roles. Again, disguise sensitive information where appropriate. If you cannot find or do not have access to portions of this information, you should use realistic and educated guesses.

The paper must address the following in detail
Section 1: Identify a business problem to be solved by a project.
Describes, in detail, a business problem to be solved by a project and demonstrates a clear understanding of the issues, supported by relevant evidence.

Section 2: Describe a project solution.
Analyzes a project solution in detail, and directly links the recommended solution to specific issues, supported by relevant evidence and reputable resources.

Section 3: Describe a project outcome.
Analyzes a project outcome and demonstrates a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the projected outcome.

Section 4: Describe an approximate project budget.
Describes an approximate project budget in detail, supported by relevant evidence and resources.

Section 5: Describe a communication or reporting structure.
Analyzes a communication or reporting structure and demonstrates a clear understanding of concepts, supported by relevant evidence.

Section 6: Identify a project team and the roles on that team.
Identifies a project team and describes the roles and responsibilities of team members in rich detail.

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