Project Management Assignment

| May 29, 2015

Word Limit: 1500 words

 Citation Format:  APA

 References:  You are required to consult and correctly reference a MINIMUM of 5  different sources of information.

 You are appointed a Project Manager in charge of organising and planning a project. Select only


ONE of the project titles below:

 1. A company family day

 2. A company dinner & dance

 3. A company retreat to another country

 4. A 1 day exhibition for a company

 5. A 1 day seminar or meeting for foreign guests to a company

 6. A fund raising event for a charity organisation

 7. To send 10 internal employees of a company for a 1 day training/seminar

 8. To launch a company product with a keynote address

 9. To revamp a company’s internal system and re-install and commission a new system

 10.To manage moving the company to another location or renovate a unit in a company


Develop the project plan of your chosen project

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