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| April 3, 2014

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Apple Computer has had a very good run, both in terms of accounting profits and stock prices. Based largely on the success of the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad, the company has reported double digit growth in revenues and earnings over the last few years and its stock price has reflected this success. It has a substantial cash balance and a strong balance sheet. However the CEO of Apple is concerned that the halcyon days of the iPod are past and that potential challengers loom on the horizon (Sony, Zune etc.).
Apple is therefore considering entering the television market with an innovatively designed and technologically state-of-the art LCD television, called the iTV, aimed at the upper end ofthe market. (Example from University of New York, )
i. Define Ten Requirements for such a project. Remember that requirements need to be atomic, clear, complete, consistent, verifiable, prioritised, traceable and realistic. Prioritise these requirements and justify your prioritisation.
ii. While the project is being implemented, it is highlighted by some project members that different countries use different voltages in their main power grids (at the consumer end). Therefore it is suggested that an in-build adopter should be provided in the TV. Yet another suggestion is that the TV should use a ?charger‟ like a laptop, which can be provided according to the power supply voltages of each country. Assuming these suggestions have technical merit, would you say these additions are within the scope of the project? Justify your answer.
iii. What is “scope creep”? Identify three instances on which scope creep can occur in this project, and explain how it should be handled.
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