Project Management

Week 1 DQ 1
“Definition of a Project”  Please respond to the following:
Ø  From the first e-Activity, determine three to five ways the project management concepts described in the video relate to the project life cycle from the textbook. Support your response.
Ø  From the second e-Activity, select two business projects—one, a local project; the other, international. Next, determine the current project life cycle for each project. Justify your selection.
Week 1 DQ 2
“Project Selection” Please respond to the following:
Ø  Select a project for the purpose of completing the writing assignments of this course. Provide a rationale for your selection from an organizational strategy standpoint. Next, respond to at least two posts of your classmates, and comment on their project selection. Note: Ensure that you can develop enough information to thoroughly cover the project topic. Assume that your projects will have duration of 12 to 15 months with a functionally allocated project team. Adhere to confidentiality standards if you are discussing projects from your organization.