Project Design and Evaluation

| June 29, 2015

– Use the economic model of field AA (posted on the power campus) for evaluating this project.
– Before estimating the project profitability indicators, you need to complete the model.
– Estimate the following: daily production, annual production, CAPEX, OPEX, etc.
– Based on the economic model of the Service Agreement listed in PowerPoint file of field AA determine the following:
1- NPV (SP)
2- IRR (SP) – based on the graph method.
3- NPV (FP)
4- POT (SP) – based on the graph method.
The following figures must be attached with your memo:
1- Production profile
2- NCF vs Time (SP)
3- CNCF vs Time (SP)
4- DNCF vs Time (SP)
5- CDNCF vs Time (SP)
6- DNCF vs Time (FP)

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