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Here are the websites of some places you may want to visit for your cultural event paper assignments Have a look and see what you are interested in and would like to do. Most of these are in or near Orlando, but I have included a few options that are in other cities in FL in case you happen to be in those areas during the course of the semester. These are just suggestions, and you are not limited to these options. Be adventurous and expand your horizons! Make sure you contact me if your choice of event is not listed here. Theme parks, dinner theater shows, art fairs, church services linked to your faith, science museums, tourist attractions, commercial art galleries, most festivals and restaurants are not acceptable.


Remember, you have to write a paper detailing your reactions to a cultural even. If you try and attend an event that involves little effort, it will probably make writing that paper more difficult.


Buddhist Temple:


Guidelines for Cultural Events Paper


Cultural Event Paper: You will write one personal reaction/response paper to a cultural event that you will attend during the course of the semester. This is an opportunity for you to experience ‘ culture’ in the world to supplement what you are learning in class. Some examples of places you can visit are museums, theaters, musical performances, and centers of religious practice other than one’s own. See the Cultural Event Options document in the ‘ Start Here’ folder for suggestion. This two should briefly recount what you did, detail your reaction to the event/place you visited, and assess how it expanded your understanding and/or appreciation of the Humanities. If your “event” is not  listed in the list of approved events, you must check with me to see if it suitable. Mere summaries of the event and late papers will not receive a grade above ‘C’. You must  check with me if you are not sure whether an event is acceptable if it is not listed an an approved venue. This paper is worth 20% of the final grade.


Paper Guidelines (Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a lowered grade):

  1. A)You must be able to prove that you attended the event to earn any credit. Provide an imageof your ticket, photo/photos of yourself at the event with the date, or other proof of your attendance at the event/site of your choice.  You do not submit with your paper, but I may ask you to e-mail it to me.
  2. B)The events must be current. For example, you cannot write about your experience at a museum that you visited a year ago, or a play you went to in high school. In other words, you

must attend events or visit sites between the beginning of class and the date your papers are due.

  1. C) Trips to theme parks, churches related to your own faith (even remotely), tourist attractions,science museums (including air museums), commercial art galleries, events at k-12 schools  and restaurants are not acceptable cultural events. When in doubt – ASK!!!
  2. D)Papers must be typed, double-spaced and at least 500 words in length. You must include a word count somewhere on your paper.
  3. E) Spelling and grammatical errorswill lower your grade. To avoid this, proofread prior to submission. Papers that are replete with errors will receive a lowered or failing grade, and there are no opportunities for rewrites.

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