Project 1

| June 19, 2015

Project 1

After reading this book ( Making smart decisions. Harvard Business Review Press, 2011 ), May you please answer this Q’s

READINGS: Chapter 4 “Data-Ink and Graphical Redesign” and Chapter 5 “Chartjunk: Vibrations, Grids, and Ducks” in Visual Display by Edward Tufte

2.1) What is the ‘data-ink ratio?’ Are high data-ink ratios desirable or undesirable? Explain.

2.2) What is ‘chartjunk?’ Give two examples of chartjunk commonly observed in data graphics.

2.3) Find an example of a well made data graphic and one example of a poorly made data graphic. Explain your rationale for each in terms of principles put forth in Visual Display. These could be pasted from original sources (cite your sources) or you can develop the examples yourself.

2.4) Although Tufte’s discussion focuses on charts and graphs, how do the same principles apply to tables – i.e., rows and columns of data?


ARTICLE: “Evidence-Based Management” by Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert I. Sutton in Making Smart Decisions

3.1) What does it mean for a decision to be evidence-based?

3.2) According to research studies, about 15% of medical decisions are evidence-based. (true or false)

3.3) What are three reasons given by the authors as to why it is difficult to make evidence-based decisions? Provide an example of each.

3.4) What is ‘benchmarking? What is one pro and one con of benchmarking?

3.5) Identifiy one way that the authors suggest that organizations can become more evidence-based.

RQA 4 ARTICLE: “Why Good Leaders Make Bad Decisions” by Andrew Campbell, Jo Whitehead, and Sydney Finkelstein in Making Smart Decisions

4.1) According to the authors, what two unconscious processes often cause decision-makers to make bad decisions? Give an example of each.

4.2) Poor decisions can result from associating past experiences to present problems. (true or false)

4.3) What are three ‘red flag conditions’ identified by the authors that increase the likelihood that decision-makers will make bad judgments?

4.4) According to the authors, what are two things organizations can do reduce the likelihood of bad decisions?



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