| April 21, 2014

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Referencing Requirements:
the requirements are:
Complete the Co-operative Education Progress Report template.
Your Co-operative Education Progress Report must:
? address all issues
? be professionally presented
? demonstrate your ability to develop:
1. a factual record of your Co-operative Education Placement including:
? major workplace activities
? any significant and/or critical incidents
2. a report on your development of your discipline research topic (LG 3.3)
3. a record of your critical reflection on your development in the individual Learning Goals including:
? details of specific areas in which you are making progress
? the ways in which your Co-operative Education Placement and learning is the same as, or different from, your initial thinking recorded in your Learning Framework
? application of the concepts, models, theories and/or technical areas that will support your various analyses of your Co-operative Education Placement
? responses to your workplace activities and any significant incidents, your thoughts and feelings about them as well as your analysis and evaluation of them.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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