programming homework

Write SQL statements to do the following:
Publishing on the Web I (CMPS 318)
Show the syntax of the URL and state the purpose of URL parts.
Name methods and describe the differences between methods used in <form>s in order to invoke a server side script.
row using 100 pixels, and the other rows taking the available space on the page.
Choose the rows attribute below that would configure a frameset with three rows – the top
a. rows=“*, *, 100”
b. rows=“100, *, *”
c. rows=“100, 25%, *”
d. none of the above will work
4. What is the purpose of the action attribute on the <form> tag.
C# Programming (CMPS 378)

  1. What is a purpose of properties in C#. Give an example.
  2. What are constructor and destructor? When are they executed? Give an example.
  3. What does the general design process for creating Windows application require?
  4. Write a console or window application that calculates and prints the following sum

S = 1 + 1/2! + 1/3! + 1/4! + 1/5! + … + 1/n!
from 1 to n. The user of the program should be prompted to enter value n.

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