| November 23, 2015

In this essay you are asked to discuss the moral argument in Garrett Hardin’s “Lifeboat Ethics”


Hardin believes that if we donate a significant portion of our income to help alleviate world hunger then we will destroy the planet. Do you agree or disagree with this conclusion? Why or why not?


In your paper, to answer the question, you need to briefly summarize the main points of Hardin’s argument.  What issues do they address?  What moral perspectives do they embody?  What technique of reasoning does he use?  Finally, I would like you to infer whether his argument is or will be influential on society as a whole.


The response should be organized as an essay.  The essay will be judged on the clarity of the reasoning that supports your thesis. Responses that are unclear will obviously not fulfill the earlier requirements.


The paper should be at least two and a half page. Your paper should not be shorter though it can be a little longer.  Since this is not a research paper, no citations are necessary.  12 point Times New Roman or Courier font double spaced with 1” margins and a cover page in APA format.


This is not intended as a research project. The main focus of the project should be an explanation of your own thinking.   A secondary focus should be how you think the issues affect society as a whole.  Do not report other people’s thinking on the topic as your own or without appropriate citations.

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