Professions that will be the least in demand in the 21st century

| July 17, 2015
Topic: Professions that will be the least in demand in the 21st century For this assignment, focus on the following readings in Chapter 8 (p. 303-338) in the Sequence: “Work and Workers in the Twenty-first Century” by Judy and D’Amico (p.313-317) “Employment Projections: 2008-2018 Summary,” Bureau of Labor Statistics (p. 324-327) The five readings in the section “Looking Forward: Five Professions” (p. 327-338) Focus on the topic “professions that will be the least in demand in the 21st century.” Choose one or two professions that you believe will be the least in demand. Explain why the profession(s) you have selected won’t be in demand in the future. Elaborate on your arguments given the changing workforce of the 21st century (as discussed in the required readings). Argue by presenting evidence from the assigned readings and from your own sources. Write and document your essay using MLA or APA in-text documenting and works cited list. Audience: Length: Academic reader 1500 words Format: Use Times New Roman, 12 point font.
Set margins to 1 inch on all sides. Double-space your essay. Save and submit your essay as a Word document. Notes: 1. Don’t forget to give your essay a title. 2. In the introduction, provide background information on the predicted trends of employment in the future (based on the readings) and name the profession(s) that will stop being in demand. 3. State your thesis by clearly presenting your position. Present your main reason. 4. In your body paragraphs, elaborate on the reasons the profession of your choice will not be in demand. Present facts and arguments as well as examples. You must use at least three of the assigned readings and provide in-text references to all of your sources. 5. Address counter-arguments and refute them. 6. Use three additional sources that are not from the course textbooks. The sources need to be academic and relevant to the assigned topic. 7. Do not forget to include a works cited list/bibliography (use MLA or APA documenting format). 8. Conclusion: Summarize your main points. DUE DATES Sign up for one of the six discussions Week 10 Sign up under the argumentative assignment sign-up sheet icon on the home page. Assignment due: Week 11 Post Introduction and your feedback Week 12 Post by 10pm Wed. July 22, Comment by 10pm Fri. July 24 Participate in the peer-review exercise: post the introduction of your essay to the Week 11 discussion folder. Post feedback on your partner’s introduction. Post samples of in-text references and works-cited list for peer review Final draft by 10pm Sun. July 26 Submit your Research Paper to the assignment dropbox. Please make sure you’ve read the instructions on submitting essays (you can find this on the Start Here page, located on the homepage underneath my introduction).

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