Professionalism & Ethics in Child Mental Health

| July 18, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

A reflective essay, answer the following question: What factors contribute to, and influence, professionalism when working with young people and their families in child and adolescent mental health (CAMH) settings?

At the beginning, please cover the definition of “professionalism” in the paper. And what does it mean by being professional in the CAMH services.

In the paper, please cover sections like ethical principles, confidentiality, boundaries, and challenges that professionals will need to be awarded when working in the CAMH services, and how these things influenced professionals in their works.

When talking about the ethical principle, please use the UK principles mainly (rather than the US principles).

Confidentially: what is this and why this is important; how to deal with confidentiality issues in dilemma situations; how to share information with in professional teams (when lots of different specialists working on one case), etc. Feel free to develop more here.

Boundaries: what is this and why this is important; how to keep boundaries with patients; what kinds of behaviors are appropriate, etc. Feel free to develop more here.

Challenges: what difficulty and challenges may happen in the CAMH services? When facing with young patients, what things can be different with facing with adult patients? Challenges can also happen with in professional teams, how do they effectively communicate with each other? What will happen, if the communication is not effective? How to provide the best treatment for young patients, what if the parents are not happy with the treatment? What should specialists do here? When working with cross-cultural patients, when facing a different culture, what should specialists do? And what difficulty will happen here?

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