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| October 18, 2015

Choose a specific website of interest to you and rewrite key sections of the site’s text. Present the assessment IN THE FORM OF A REPORT.
Outline your approach to the rewrite with a detailed analysis of the expert/academic literature in relation to online writing and the audience for whom the website caters, drawing also on key concepts explained in the program. (Approx. 2500 words)
Provide annotated samples of the revised/rewritten text with justification based on the content of seminars indicating the rationale/s for the changes (supported by references/citations). (Approx. 500 words)

Sound professional justification of the chosen criteria for revising the content and communication function of the chosen ‘object’ of analysis/revision (i.e., what you have chosen to revise/rewrite).
Evidence of expert professional writing and analytical skills (depth + relevance/filtering) & accurate referencing standards applied
Expert technical accuracy achieved in all aspects of writing: grammar, syntax, spelling, capitalisation etc.
Adherence to relevant text structures and register position papers + reports)


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