Professional Management and Service Levels in Small U.S. Communities, and Know Yourself and Take Charge of Your Own Destiny: The “Fit Model” of Leadership.

| May 27, 2014

According to psychology of leadership by Hanbury, Sapat and Washington, before people ‘fit’ in leadership, first, they must understand themselves (566). Fitness is an autonomous variable that is determined by years of service the leader has or the experience they are bringing to the institution. In addition to these fitness attributes, any manager (including city) should have six characteristics before a declaration that they are fit to serve. These characteristics include the city manager’s leadership style, the city manager’s personality, the city manager’s perception, the city council’s perception, the demographic of the managers and the demographics of the cities where they work (Hanbury, Sapat and Washington 567).

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Topic: The Perceptions of Local Government Actors and Annexation, Local Government Spending, and the Complicating Role of Density
Term Paper: Inclusion in Education

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