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| April 7, 2014

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This paper about Criminal Justice class
Professional Journal writings are academic in nature. They are articles found in professional journals dealing specifically with certain areas of study or research. They differ from the kinds of article found in newspapers, magazines and most found on the internet in that they are based on academic research, and academic writing criteria. Select and article from a professional journal. Write a 2-3 page analysis of the article Include a complete APA citation.
Address the following:
1- Did the author do a thorough literature review? In other words, did the author provide a framework so the reader can thoroughly understand the topic?
2- What the author’s opinion slanted/one sided or well-rounded? Explain your response.
3- What type of sample did the article use? In other words, who where the individuals or groups the writer collect information about to write the article? How many were studied?What was the gender, age, socioeconomic status, etc of those studied?
4- What were the results of the article? After the writer completed the research process, what conclusions were made based on that research?
5- Did the information in the article make a significant contribution to the field of criminal justice?
6- Did the article inform us of new information?
Here are some professional journals that will provide article appropriate for this assignment:
American Bar Foundation Research Journal
American Sociological Review
Crime and Delinquency
Criminal Justice Policy Review
Criminal Justice Review
Criminal Law Bulletin
Federal Probation
International Journal of Criminology and Penology
Journal of Crime and Justice
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology
Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency
Justice Quarterly
Justice System Journal
Law and Contemporary Problems
Law and Human Behavior
Law and Social Inquiry
Law and Police Quarterly
Law and Society Review
Social Problems
Sociological Quarterly
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