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| July 21, 2015

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This requires you to use the report – When Women Thrive Businesses Thrive- produced by Mercer LLC (November 2014).
1. Consider the data shown in the graph (figure 1.2 on page 12). Analyse the data and suggest what questions this data raises about the Financial Services Company it represents. (about 350 words in total)

You must analyse the data and make 5 different observations about it (do not use my example below). Clearly show how your analysis and observation gives rise to questions about the organisation. 

Helpful points
a. To get some ideas about how to analyse the data use the text below the figure 1.2 but remember I am interested in YOUR ideas so please don’t simply repeat the ideas contained in this text. 

b. Below is an example of how to make an observation of the data and suggest questions that may be raised. You should structure your answers in a similar way. There are no ‘right’ answers that I am looking for but your analysis and observation must be credible given the data represented in Figure 1.2.

Observation 1
The graph shows that male talent is brought into the organisation at career level 5 and female talent at career level 1. This clearly implies different career routes for male and female but does not show how these talent entry points have been determined. There are female hires at level 5 (3%) so does indicate that men entering the organisation at level 5 have the potential for a career and women do not? 

2. Using the Executive Summary (about 250 words in total)
Reflect upon your views of the continued disparity between the genders in the workplace.
What were your thoughts about gender inequality in the workplace before before reading this summary? (It’s Ok to say I have not thought about it)
What are your thoughts now?
How do you think this might affect what you do you if you become a manager in the future?

Marking Criteria
• Employ a variety of techniques to analyse data

• Analyse a current global issue 

• Uses personal reflection to assess own capabilities using justifiable criteria set by self and others taking the wider needs of the context into account


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