Professional Communication Practice

| March 20, 2015
Professional Communication Practice
This is a short quiz that should not take you long to complete. However, you should do the quiz as soon as you can and not leave it until the last minute to ensure you are in a position to do your best.
There are 20 questions and the format consists of a combination of multiple choice and Yes/No questions based on online learning for
Week 1-3 and 5-6. Note: the Communication micro skills module in Week 4 will not be examined in this quiz.
How is this assessment connected to the learning outcomes?
This assessment relates to learning outcomes 1 and 2:
demonstrate effective interpersonal and communication skills with clients, families and significant others;
demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills with other professionals and professional organisations;
Please have a look for the module if need any further information for this unit to be fully prepared.

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