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| December 14, 2015

Can I obtain a legal aide lawyer for a Class C or Class B Felony drug chwrge?

A friend is being held in Nodaway County Jail on a Class C or Class B felony drug charge stemming from someone givint the police information on my friend so they would not get stealing charges against them. My friend has no know money or access to funds to hire an attorney for her defense. She is being held on a $25, 000 bond and would like to get out of jail to continue working so she can be able to pay her monthly bills and help with legal expenses until her trial but the public defender has informed us that he cannot represent her if she obtains a bail bondsman to get released because it would show she has money even though its not her money being used for bond. She has asked the court twice for reduced bond and been denied qnd her next court date is October 8, 2013. What are her options for legal help?

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